It is a natural fact of life that we will loose hair. There is a certain amount of balding that is natural, all mammals shed. There is hair thinning that is not natural though and can signify problems. Balding reflects your current general health. Catching the hair problems as soon as possible and addressing the cause is the best way to stop and prevent further hair loss.

Health and Hair Loss

A person’s hair is a general reflection of their current over all health. If you find that you are losing hair this can be a good indication that there could be a health condition that needs to be addressed. Hair thinning can be caused by a sudden illness, ailments, psychological or physical stress.

There are temporary reasons a person may be losing hair. Life situations such as giving birth, ending a pregnancy, starting or stopping birth control pills, taking dieting drugs and therapy. Keep in mind that it can take months before you notice the hair loss from these events, and it can take a few months for it to stop.

There are also permanent health conditions that contribute to hair growth problems These ailments include hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. If you have diabetes or systemic Lupus you are also at greater risk for hair loss.

Hair loss and Diet

Understanding how important a proper diet is to every aspect of our beings is vital. Good nutrition can help us deal with stress, psychological problems and other diseases. We know that when we are stressed or ill our body is being depleted of the needed minerals and vitamins that are important to our daily function.

Making sure that you have a diet that includes B vitamins will help combat premature balding that is triggered by stress. Anti-oxidants are also important because they help rid our body of free radicals. Free radicals basically destroy our body, causing poor circulation, premature baldness, cancer and many other health conditions.

We all deal with stress everyday; it is a natural part of life. Making sure that we are well protected on the inside with proper diet and nutrition will help us be able to face and deal with stress more effectively.

Combating Hair Loss

The best way to stop hair growth problems is to address it as soon as you notice that you are losing hair. The longer it goes untreated the more difficult it is going to be to stop. There are medications that can be taken to help restore hair. There are medications for men and women. Talk to your doctor at the first sign of hair loss.