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What Women Should Do About Hair loss

Whether women really want to believe it or not, premature balding is a real problem. Many women choose to believe that men are the only ones to suffer from hair growth problems. However, many women today suffer from some sort of hair thinning, the only real difference might be how much hair they lose. While we may not want to face it, it is time to realize that we as women can also experience hair loss.

Female hair loss is definitely a problem. What’s so bad about it is that most people can’t understand how women could lose their hair. They just think that it’s a male problem and they don’t understand why a woman would lose their hair. They usually think that it’s the woman’s fault. That’s usually not the case at all. Women suffer from hair growth problems just like men.

What Causes Hair Loss In Women

The real fact of the matter is that when it comes to those who suffer from premature baldness, at least 40% of those people are women. The cause however can vary from one woman to the next. The biggest cause of hair thinning in women is known as andogenetic alopecia. This is where the hair tends to thin across the entire scalp. This occurs when a women has more of the male hormone, androgens that the typical woman should.
This could be the result of an underlying medical condition or prescription such as birth control, menopause, pregnancy, or ovarian cysts.

Another type of hair loss is telogen effluvium. This is generally the result of a traumatic experience. For example, a particularly hard birthing experience, extensive stress, major surgery, serious infection, or serious malnutrition can trigger this type of hair growth problems. There are many different causes of hair loss in women; the key is to understanding them and knowing what you can do about them.

What Are Some Common Myths Regarding Women and Hair Loss?

The first myth is that hair thinning only comes from the father. This is not true, while your father may have suffered from hair loss, both parents factor into this process with their genes. Another myth that many women believe is that abnormal bleeding during menstruation occurs from hair loss. This again is untrue, your menstrual cycle does not become affected by hair growth problems

The Facts

The hardcore facts about women and hair loss is something you should be looking into.

Fact #1 Women ages twelve to forty typically start to experience hair growth problems.
Fact #2 The only hair thinning in which genetics is a factor is androgenetic aglopecia.
Fact #3 Minoxidil is the only FDA approved drug to treat premature balding in women.

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