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One man’s story about Alopecia

I always remember looking at the men’s side of my family and thinking that I was in trouble. You see, at a young age I overheard an aunt say at a family reunion “baldness comes from the mother’s side”. As I looked around at my cousins, uncles and grandfather on my mother’s side it hit me! Oh no, baldness is inevitable. You see, without being too cocky, others have told me that I was good looking. Especially when I was younger. The thought of losing all of those compliments shook me to my very core.

I actually held onto the hope in my 20’s that there would be some type of cure by the time I had to worry about losing all my hair. Then along came Finasteride. This was supposed to be the wonder drug that blocked DHT that cause hair loss. After using that for about a year, I found that sticking to a strict regimen was not something that I could maintain.

Fast forward to today and at 40 years old, I have some hair thinning, particularly on the crown area. The older I get, the less I care though. I am not saying that it doesn’t worry me. It does. Just a lot less.

And as I have got older, I have developed a disdain for medications. Especially when I am not convinced that they are properly tested. So, I decided to investigate natural options to maintain and even maybe regrow my hair.

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