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New Developments In Hair Transplant Cosmetic Surgery

Suffering from hair loss? Getting panicked by looking at the bald people around that you are going to join their club soon?

Well, there is no reason to panic. This is not the age of crying over hair loss! There is enough reason to get excited – the new cosmetic technologies have thrown open the sluice gate of possibilities for getting back a head full of lustrous hairs.

At the most basic level, hair transplantation surgery involves collecting hair from the back of the head and moving it to the area of hair loss. The area from where the hairs for transplant are collected is called donor area and the areas where they are transplanted are called recipient area.

Founded on this very conception, the hair transplant surgery has showed an amazing progress. As opposed to the past methods of the “plugs and corn rows”, today the entire surgery depends on the technology of micro and mini- grafting single hair transplant.

So what are micrografts? They are small grafts made up of 2-3 hairs. These grafts are placed behind the hairline and when they grow in length, they start providing a gradually increasing hair density. On the other hand, minigrafts contain more than 4 hairs which are placed well behind the hairline. These are the larger grafts and when they grow in length, they are supposed to blend well with the micrografts to add to the density.

These state of the art hair transplant procedures use local anesthesia and are performed on an outpatient basis. More traditional hair surgeries such as flap surgery are however carried on under general anesthesia and are performed in Operation Theater.

It takes near about one and half month when the transplanted hairs start falling out. They are to be replaced about three months later when the new hairs sprout up.

Depending on the expected density of the hair, you may require more than one session. In fact you may need several sessions to achieve sufficient density.

The hair transplantation is a complicated process: first you have to make hundreds of Micro-grafts. Each micro graft contains up to three hairs mini-grafted from a donor site of the head. Then they are randomly implanted in the targeted area to produce a natural hairline and full growth of hair in the bald area.

The hair transplant cosmetic surgery comes with its unique benefits. First of all, the procedure is permanent and proves to be less expensive than other hair loss treatment on the long run. Although, hair transplant is rather a lengthy procedure requiring multiple sessions over 1 to 2 years, once the full transplant is over, you will require no more surgery. In the end, you get a head full of healthy, natural looking hairs; it not only enhances you appearance, it also works for enhanced self esteem.

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