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Everything You Should Know About Hair Replacement

For many people losing hair can be an extremely upsetting and disturbing experience. People who suffer from hair loss usually experience forms of anxiety as a result of losing their hair. This is often a very mild feeling of insecurity or may be apparent as a loss of confidence. This is because many people believe that if they lose their hair that people perceive them differently to when they have a full head of hair.

The fact is that in many cases people do have a different perception of someone that has lost their hair but in reality the effect of this is minimal.

Nevertheless the psychological effects of losing hair should not be understated. Both men and women experience a loss of confidence as a result of hair loss and this is because for many their hair is considered a vital part of their sexuality. For both men and women hair is associated with sexuality and those without hair often feel that they are not as sexy as they were with a full head of hair.

It is fair to say that this tends to affect women more often than it affects men. Women are generally less prone to hair loss than men and because there are lots of cases in which men lose their hair it is in some ways more widely accepted in our culture. The negative image of baldness is somewhat surprising when compared to the image of hair loss in primates.

Gorillas actually revere members of their social group that are balding. Indeed gorillas have been found to rub their heads against hard objects in an attempt to reduce the thickness of their hair. This is seen to make them more attractive to the opposite sex.
Why is this not always the case with humans?

Hair Loss Causes

One of the main causes of hair loss is as a result of hereditary factors. Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss and there are hundreds of thousands of men that experience this type of hair loss. It is considered a natural form of hair loss and many people decide against a course of action and accept it. Pattern baldness also happens to women but far fewer women suffer this form of hair loss as men.

Another cause of hair loss is trichotillomania. This is a disease in which people that suffer compulsively pull out their own hair. The hair loss that is caused by this disease tends to leave bald on the sufferers head in the areas in which the hair was pulled out. The positive thing about this type of hair loss is that the hair can usually grow back providing the sufferer is able to stop pulling it out. Another form of hair loss that is often experienced is that caused by radiation as a result of treatment for cancer. This type of hair loss can be particularly upsetting but usually clears up after treatment has ended.

Hair replacement techniques

Hair transplant surgery has been around for around one hundred years. In medical terms it is a very young discipline and as a result it has experienced a great number of advancements in recent years. The techniques that are used have been updated and amended throughout the years and as a result refinements in the ways procedures are carried out are happening all the time.

Techniques have developed to the extent where people can have hair replacement surgery and the results can compare to the look of natural hair.

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