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Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Replacement Surgery | Alopecia

Gold Coast – Hair Restoration For Alopecia There are a number of hair loss doctors on the Gold Coast, the question is which one is the best? Well, for that you need to know what treatment you require, These days there’s the FUE method, the PRP method which invigorates the …

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What’s wrong with being bald? How to cope with baldness

coping with hair loss

One of my friends said to me the other day “I think it is time to have a shave”. I replied that he looked like he already had a shave, whilst I quite intentionally ignored his thin, wispy blonde locks. To my surprise he was talking about his hair. As …

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One man’s story about Alopecia

I always remember looking at the men’s side of my family and thinking that I was in trouble. You see, at a young age I overheard an aunt say at a family reunion “baldness comes from the mother’s side”. As I looked around at my cousins, uncles and grandfather on …

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5 Natural Foods for Healthy Hair

Strong healthy hair

We all have bad hair days and people are bound to give you advice on conquering those cringe-worthy moments. “Wash your hair every other day,” or “Don’t brush your hair with a metal comb,” are just some suggestions you might encounter while lamenting about your split ends and dry hair. …

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New Developments In Hair Transplant Cosmetic Surgery

Suffering from hair loss? Getting panicked by looking at the bald people around that you are going to join their club soon? Well, there is no reason to panic. This is not the age of crying over hair loss! There is enough reason to get excited – the new cosmetic …

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What Women Should Do About Hair loss

Whether women really want to believe it or not, premature balding is a real problem. Many women choose to believe that men are the only ones to suffer from hair growth problems. However, many women today suffer from some sort of hair thinning, the only real difference might be how …

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What You Need To Know About Hair Loss

It is a natural fact of life that we will loose hair. There is a certain amount of balding that is natural, all mammals shed. There is hair thinning that is not natural though and can signify problems. Balding reflects your current general health. Catching the hair problems as soon …

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Everything You Should Know About Hair Replacement

For many people losing hair can be an extremely upsetting and disturbing experience. People who suffer from hair loss usually experience forms of anxiety as a result of losing their hair. This is often a very mild feeling of insecurity or may be apparent as a loss of confidence. This …

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